With fish that are abundant and fresh every season of the year, it is little wonder why many consider the Goto Islands to be a sacred land for fishers. We each season we bring in only the freshest and highest quality of seasonal seafood.
The same of course, applies to our produce, each agricultural product locally produced due to the remote location of the islands.
And of course, it would be impossible to discuss dining on the islands without Goto Beef, raised on mineral rich grasses in such small quantities that many doubt if it actually exists.
At ray dining, that is what we strive to bring–the best. In our Hikari no Washoku we bring all these ingredients together to create a story, a story of light.

Breakfast: 07:00 – 10:00 (LO 09:30)
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00 (LO 21:30)


Chef de Cuisine

Kou Takahira

Born in Sendai in 1968, Kou began his culinary career at the ripe age of 18, before becoming a head chef at the age of 28, serving at numerous Japanese restaurants. Since 2021, he has been head chef at the Setouchi Aonagi, which was awarded the highest rank of 5 Red Pavilion by Michelin. A master of the traditional style of Japanese cuisine, who takes the extra step needed to bring out the potential of the ingredients.

  • ray bar
  • ray bar

ray bar

The East and the West. Nagasaki has long nurtured the connection between the two through the sea, and the unique culture it has created for itself is what shaped this bar. Where the East and the West meet, where wines and spirits mingle, where island meets sea, this craft cocktail bar tells the story of Goto itself—in quintessential Yukio Hashimoto fashion.

From 17:00 to 23:00

meditation room

See things for what they are.

A small meditation room tucked away behind the bar. A ray of light to illuminate the landscape of your mind. Breath. Think. Feel. See the present for what it is, and find the energy to move forward from within.