Goto, the island of prayer, had been keeping the faith in the Persecution of Christians.
Living tenaciously but supplely; gaining the vigor for the future.

Locating beyond the Geopark,
which erupted from the Fukue Volcanoes 50,000 years ago.

The scenery is captured in the space that opens up to the heart.
A theater of the sea and sky that has been unfolding since ancient times.
The shine of Goto reflects in the Washoku fully using the island’s ingredients.
The scent of the tide, the breeze of Goto, the sky of eternity.
Connecting the past and the future; light & shadow appear following each other.

“The Island of Prayer; the Island of the Light”

26 rooms with an ocean view and open-air bath.


Guest room

Guest rooms with open-air baths overlooking the beautiful sea of Gotō. From sunrise to sunset, you can enjoy the ever-changing hues of the sea and sky.



Blessed by the ingredients from Gotō, surrounded by the rich sea, and integrating Japanese-style sea-inspired vessels, we offer innovative Japanese cuisine that will be beyond the traditional.



Items inspired from camellia (tsubaki flower), which has been native to Gotō since ancient times, and the Vichy Shower, a fusion of Western hydrotherapy and Eastern acupuncture, will leave you with a healthy body and mind.



Design concept is about “Incorporating the landscape of the sea and sky into the building”. By designing the building to exude a beautiful landscape inside, a sense of openness inside the building, as if you were outside, is created.

橋本 由紀夫


Yukio Hashimoto

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1962, Yukio Hashimoto graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 1986. He was a part-time lecturer at Waseda University Art School and Showa Women’s University. Hashimoto was awarded received the JCD Excellence Award, the Takashimaya Art Award, and the IIDA Award of Distinction. Representative works include The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo (Hibiya), MOONBIRD (Yamagiwa), Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa (Okinawa), ANA Intercontinental Hotel Beppu Resort & Spa, Beppu, Japan.



The Gotō Islands, Japan’s westernmost Geopark, are  located within the Saikai National Park, where we offer a wide variety of activities that allow you to experience the charms of Gotō.



Nagasaki and Amakusa area related to the Submerged Christians, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2018. Visitors can visit churches that are the proof of the history and see the spectacular scenery created by the great nature.


Narita / Haneda Airport (Tokyo)⇄Fukuoka Airport 1 hr 50 min (by plane)
Narita / Haneda Airport (Tokyo)⇄Nagasaki Airport 2 hr (by plane)

Itami / Kansai Airport (Osaka)⇄Fukuoka Airport 1 h 15 min (by plane)
Itami / Kansai Airport (Osaka)⇄Nagasaki Airport 1 h 25 min (by plane)

Goto Tsubaki Airport⇄Nagasaki Airport 30 min (by plane)
Goto Tsubaki Airport⇄Fukuoka Airport 40 min (by plane)

Fukue Port⇄Nagasaki Port
Jetfoil 1hr 25min (direct)
Ferry 3 hours 10 minutes (can come to the island with by driving)

Hotel⇄Goto Tsubaki Airport 10 min. by car
Hotel⇄Fukue Port 15 min. by car